Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Don't Get Me Wrong

I love Steven Tyler.

Love his voice, love his over the top insanity, love the flamboyant way he dresses, love his loosey-goosey approach to life.


I was bluesing my way to HELL this morning with "Lightning in a Bottle" in the CD player.

Lightning in a Bottle was a benefit concert recorded at radio City Music Hall in 2003. It was the kickoff event in a year-long celebration of the blues. The money that was raised went to the Blues Music Foundation - an organization that gives back to blues musicians and their heirs, many of whom have been screwed out of the money and recognition they deserve.

Here are some of the people who performed:Mavis Staples, Keb Mo, Buddy Guy, Ruth Brown, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, Bonnie Raitt, Gregg Allman and Warren Haynes, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, The Neville Brothers, Solomon Burke, and B.B. King.

That is a partial list.

I rediscovered the CD this morning and it saved my life. I assume I will die at work because of the sheer stupidity of what I do and the cold-hearted, selfish,  back stabbing personality and agenda of my idiot boss.

Lightning gave me the nourishment to counteract the shit I had to eat all day.

So, anyway, Gregg Allman and Warren Haynes performed "The Sky is Crying."

Rocked it. Re-interpreted it in their own distinctive styles and just squeezed every possible ounce of blues out of the song.


Right after that came Steven Tyler and Joe Perry performing "I'm a King Bee."


But Gregg has blues cred. Do you know what I mean?

His voice has evolved from something pretty early on to - and I hesitate to reference the cliche but it is perfect - the ultimate, whiskey-soaked blues voice.

The transaction parallels what Tom Waits went through. If you listen to his early albums you can barely recognize it compared to the voice he growls today.

Gregg and Waits have depth.

Tyler rocks "I'm a King Bee", he blues it beautifully - but I believe in every situation Gregg Allman will out blues him every single time.

That's it. It was a cool ride to work. Hot and humid first thing in the morning, windows down and this CD playing very loud in The Big Ride.

It was a moment. A summer moment. A blues moment. With Gregg Allman as the frosting on the cake.

I am quite happy that I didn't die.

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