Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Radical Compromise

July is dead.

Today is August 2.

Normally I would go off on a woe is me summer is dying rant. I would explain that winter begins on September 1 and that I have done very little to enjoy the summer and that panic cripples me as I decide how to wrestle the most out of August.

I'm taking a new approach this year. I have decided to enjoy September.

This extends my summer to two months remaining instead of one.

I can live with that.

August looms ahead of me with a challenge to enjoy. I believe I am up to the challenge.

I also know that August will blow by at the speed of life.

When it does I will embrace September with tender love and eager anticipation.

Why not?

There is still time. There is still life.

It is still entirely possible to live a sweet T-shirts and shorts, slow moving, easy breathing, eyes wide open with wonder existence.

At least for the next two months.

When October rolls around all bets are off.

I have lived in New England for too long.

I am not an idiot. 

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