Friday, August 28, 2015

No Clue

I was driving to work on Wednesday and noticed all the sad-faced children lined up to catch school buses.

It was August 26.

Used to be school did not start until after labor day, which is as it should be so kids can enjoy a real summer.

Life will back them into a corner soon enough; it is cruel and sad to shorten their summer, which is a time of freedom and carefree frolicking amongst the butterflies.

It is a unique time in a human's life when they get two and a half months to do as they please. To breathe. To float freely without someone telling them where to be and what time to be there.

I could listen to an argument in favor of extended suffering if someone could prove to me that the extra effort is improving the academic standing of the United States in relation to other advanced countries in the world.

Obviously it is not.

Rules and regulations, suffocating oppression with complete disregard to the cost in health and mental well being has become the norm in this country.

Work wise and now school wise.

Still, we regress.

We have no clue what we are doing.

(Editor's note: I am really in an excellent mood today in spite of this and the following two posts. Sometimes you gotta go with what is in your heart. Ciao.)

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