Saturday, August 22, 2015

An Emotional Soul

Been noticing some Counting Crows songs on the propaganda tape I have to listen to every goddamn day at work.

Allow me to explain.

I don't mind the music. In fact I love the music. I fight hard to keep it set on classic rock.

We can choose from a list of genres, all of which suck except for classic rock and jazz. I am not allowed to choose the jazz option because the people I work with are not musically sophisticated.

What really bothers me is that there is no "blues" option. Are you kidding me? No blues?

Absolutely ridiculous.

If blues was an option I would set the choice there permanently and shoot in the head anybody I caught changing it.

I walk around the store singing all shift long. I am known for it. With co-workers and with customers.

What I hate are the goddamn liquor commission ads that frequently interrupt the flow of the music. Very often right in the middle of a song.

Propaganda. Brain washing. Childish, insulting and condescending.

Anyway......................lately I have been hearing a few Counting Crows songs and it has hit me how Adam Duritz's voice resonates with my soul.

Their first album is one of my favorites. I absolutely love it.

What I realize is that Duritz's voice is on the exact same wavelength as my soul.

I am sensitive and melancholy; I am pure emotion above all else.

Adam Duritz's voice expresses those feelings, those emotions achingly well. I believe he and I could have an amazing conversation over a couple of drinks and a couple of candles.

I have no Counting Crows on my ipod.

What the hell is wrong with me?

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