Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Happy Birthday Mick

Mick Jagger turned 72 on July 26.

I'm a bit peeved.

No invite. I was not approached to celebrate his birthday with him.

Who the hell does he think he is? I pay his salary. I buy his records. I even buy records that were birthed after "Exile On Main Street". Hell I even own "A Bigger Bang".

I'm sensing a disturbing trend here.

Paul McCartney turned 73 on June 18.

No invite.

Ringo Starr turned 75 on July 7.

No invite.

I have invested my life in these guys.

Worshiped them, respected and loved them, nourished my soul with their music, colored my life through their exploits.

I am treated as if I do not exist.

I do exist, as far as I know.

I'm putting all of my money, all of my hopes and expectations on Keith Richards.

Keef will turn 72 on December 18.

My birthday is on January 1. Christ, we are practically twins.

I think he will call me. I'm pretty sure he will.

"Hey Joe - what do you say you slide on down to me home in Connecticut (Weston) on my birthday. We'll enjoy a couple of cocktails, you can meet the wife and daughters, we'll hang and get to know each other better."

I'll let you know how it goes.

An Interesting Conversation: I was at work last Saturday night. It was that dreamy part of the night, five minuted before close, when you are tired and vowing that if one more customer walks through the door you will decapitate them.

I was talking to Alyssa. I am not sure she is even 21 years old.

I told her how cool it is that The Stones are still touring even though they are in their seventies.

She said: "But they can't put on much of a show, can they?"

I let that slide and explained to her that Mick keeps himself in fantastic shape and runs around the stage like a kid.

Then I said: "Keith, however, is a different story."

I was met by unnerving silence.

I looked at her and said:"You don't know who Keith Richards is, do you?"

She said: No."

I work with a lot of youth in this business. Humans barely expelled from the womb.

This supposedly keeps you young.

I would argue that it keeps you isolated.

But, what the hell. I will be at Keith Richard's home on December 18. Nothing else matters.

Maybe I'll get Alyssa an autograph.

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  1. Steve turns 63 on September 6th....your invited....open bar