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That is Don Orsillo's full name. A beautiful, Italian name belonging to a man whose dream is being crushed.

NESN is firing Orsillo and nobody really knows why except on the whim of relatively new management at NESN.

Please note, however, that the Boston Red Sox own 80% of NESN, the Bruins the other 20%. The Sox could have stopped this.

They did not.

Don Orsillo is respected within the industry, he is exceptionally likable and a true professional.

Over the last few years the guy had to work with a never ending list of color men, and every time he did he made it look effortless, he treated them with respect and he made them look good.

Even when they sucked.

Which was often.

His relationship with Jerry Remy was truly meaningful, which Remy made very clear on Tuesday night when the news broke.

On Tuesday, through the Red Sox PR people, Remy let it be known that he wanted to address the media about Orsillo's firing.

When he did so he was emotional and even had tears in his eyes. He said: "I love him."

If you have been listening to Don & Jerry over the years you know that displays of emotion are not Jerry's thing. So his comments and the deep and obvious sadness he openly displayed mean that much more.

I read comments from Sean McDonough, the guy Orsillo replaced. He had nothing but praise and respect for Don. And interestingly enough he related the story of his own firing which was handled as badly as Orsillo's.

He was in a University of Michigan gym doing research for a game he was to broadcast the next day. He got a call from a journalist asking if he had any comments about his contract not being renewed by the Red Sox.

He did not even know about it.

He said that beyond the shock it was heartbreaking and it took him "a long time to stop being emotional about it."

He summed up how Don Orsillo feels right now (they exchanged texts) explaining how difficult it is when you expect to be a Red Sox broadcaster for life, you put your heart and soul into it and do a good job, you don't see your termination coming and all of a sudden you are gone, the devastation is complete.

McDonough knows full well how that feels. And it is even worse for Orsillo because he is expected to finish out the season; to go on as if nothing has changed. The season was over when Sean got the ax.

I have listened to sports talk radio a lot since Tuesday, read articles in the Boston Globe, read stuff on and all of it is consistent.

Don Orsillo is an excellent play by play guy and he is getting shafted by NESN/Red Sox.

There is also a huge fan backlash, including a petition to protest his firing on

Reactions that are this heartfelt, this consistent and so supportive point you in the direction of the truth.

Don Orsillo's heart is probably broken. NESN and the Red Sox could care less. To them this is a business decision even though there is no valid argument for letting the man go.

The Red Sox should be kissing Don Orsillo's ass for keeping interest in the Red Sox where it is while they go out every night and suck.

People tune in to enjoy Don and Jerry, to laugh along with them and forget about their troubles for a while.

That is a rare gift.

That is why people are so angry.

It is not about the sport. It is about being human. It is about a human being.

Don Orsillo.

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