Monday, August 10, 2015

Cerebral Weekends

Carol and I enjoy cerebral weekends.

Start it all off on Friday night at 10:00 with Bill Maher.

Excellent show. You may not agree in entirety with Maher's point of view but the show is always lively and fueled with stimulating discussion.

You learn stuff and it makes you think.

Sunday morning it's Meet The Press.

Again - great discussions, interesting topics and an attitude that informs and inspires thought.

Sunday night it's 60 Minutes.

All over the map in topics, which is great because it exposes viewers to a wide spectrum of experience.

The topics are covered intelligently and very often are eye openers.

So Carol and I are not as stupid as our enemies assume.

Digging on 60 Minutes last night and sitting uncomfortably in my recliner as we watched coverage of the mass migration from Syria to Jordan.

Syria is war torn and families are forced to flee because there is no safety and no escape. They are trying to save their children and provide for them a future.

The catch is that there is no guarantee they will find comfort in Jordan. These families are escaping death and uncertainty and gambling that they will be able to build a life in Jordan.

Some families split up for the journey - a few kids with Dad, a few kids with Mom in the hope they will all meet up on the other side.

The looks on the childrens' faces are heartbreaking. The tears and fear on the part of the parents is heartbreaking.

Carol and I watched the debate of republican candidates last Thursday night.

A collection of morons, psychopaths and mental defectives who are auditioning to become President of the United States.

As I watched 60 Minutes I could not get republican political buffoons out of my mind.

These guys are so far removed from reality and so disinterested in helping their constituents that they should be thrown in jail.

Better still, there should be an electrical device strapped to their private parts that shocks them into great pain every single time they lie or offer a misleading statement.

I was thinking how disgusting and immoral it is for political "leaders" to be unconnected to the pain and suffering that goes on in their countries.

Pain and suffering that is a result of the policies of these "leaders".

The United States is not experiencing war and displacement as in Syria, but there are still a whole hell of a lot of people who are suffering and lost in this country.

People who are struggling financially, struggling with health issues, trying to bring some dignity into their lives, hoping for a level playing field so they at least have a chance to succeed.

Our revered politicians do not give a damn. They lust to be elected so they can continue to increase their wealth and consolidate their power and forget about the people they lied to to get their votes.

It was heartbreaking to watch Syrian families fight to cross the border into uncharted waters, out of desperation and hope as their leaders live in splendor.

It is disgusting to watch our political buffoons prance around like the self absorbed puppets that they are while the American public sinks deeper into despair.

What the hell went wrong with this world?

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