Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Pope Tweets

A big deal was made out of the Pope's first tweet a while ago.

I could handle that. The Pope-meister trying to look like a man of the people. Even though he exists in a world of unimaginable wealth and presides over an operation rife with corruption, child abuse, lies and intimidation.

I thought "OK, one and done."

He did it again. He tweeted again just the other day.


I have to be honest here, I have no use for tweeting. I watch people tweet, I watch people text and they look brain damaged to me. Looking down at this electronic device, disconnected from the world even as they convince themselves they are ultra connected to the world.

The next logical step is a tweeting/texting neck brace for serial typists. A new debilitating disease, similar to carpal tunnel "syndrome".

Although..................the idea of being limited to 140 characters fascinates me, because as a word worshipper with some talent at expressing myself, I KNOW I could kick ass in the tweeting universe.

The Pope should not be tweeting. Period. He is the goddamn pope, for Christ sake.

If he wants to impress us, he should communicate telepathically. Just so long as we don't get propaganda and lies. A little beauty and truth could go a long way.

Be comfortable. I am taking care of the situation. Got the Pope coming over for dinner today. Beer and Brats. He actually enjoys and looks forward to the Pro Bowl. This alone convinces me that I can influence his behavior.

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