Thursday, October 31, 2013


Standing at the register this morning and an older gentleman - even older than me - walks up wearing a Red Sox jersey.

Not a T-shirt, not a hoodie - a beautiful, white, Red Sox jersey.

I said "You are wearing that shirt with pride today." He said "You better believe it" and high fived me.

THAT is what sports is about.

He was beaming. We talked about the Series, we talked about specific plays, we talked about 95 years.

This guy was grinning from ear to ear and he made me smile. He made me feel good.

I will never understand people who don't get sports. I can only assume they are heroin users. Heroin blunts the pain from a life. It mutes emotion.

For two minutes today, nothing else existed for me and this guy except The World Champion Boston Red Sox.

It was a moment.

A sweet moment in life.

Moments like that are rare.

Sports can give you that.

Sports can be a magic elixir.

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