Thursday, October 24, 2013

How Jaded

My soul is burned black and crisp.

I have fallen.

Walked away from the register today, doing stuff. I became aware of somebody waiting at the register.

I rarely do this. The people I work with are idiots; they leave customers stranded at the register on a regular basis and do not give a damn.

So I try hard to be alert.

But I blew it today.

I walked up and the dude was standing at the wrong register giving off an air of exasperation. I directed him around to my register.

He limped over to me. I mean seriously limped. He obviously had a health problem.

When I noticed him limping, I grimaced to myself. Not in embarrassment, not because I felt bad.

I grimaced because I was disgusted. It wasn't bad enough that he was obviously pissed off, he had to goddamn limp just to make me feel worse.

I was disgusted with him. Not me.

This job has burned my soul black and crisp.

I have fallen.

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