Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Phil Simms Is Universally Disliked

I need football knowledge but don't have enough time to watch everything I want to watch.

I have settled on Inside The NFL on Showtime. I like the conversations, I think they are intelligent, there is a minimum of the silly stupidity you see on other shows.

Especially on The NFL network. They have to fill 24 hours a day with football, so of course they have to rely on filler and gimmicks and tricks and all the cutesy stuff today's intelligence-challenged audiences lap up so greedily.

The NFL network is the only network that should be allowed to publicize tweets. It kills time and does not risk sabotaging the ratings by raising the IQ of the shows at all.

Other than that, tweets should be banned from TV.

But I digress.

Inside The NFL features James Brown, Phil Simms and Chris Collinsworth.

At one time I thought Collinsworth was obnoxious but I have come around to like the guy a lot. He is intelligent and knowledgeable and well spoken.

I like James Brown as the anchor. I like his approach, his demeanor. I like what he brings to the show.

Phil Simms exudes a cloud of unlikeability about him. It is hilarious to watch Collinsworth dump on him because Chris is so much more intelligent. Simms ends up being defensive a lot of the time.

In fact he begins a lot of conversations in a defensive posture.

It is also funny to watch Brown jump in and do the Phil Simms dump and then claim that he is not taking sides, that he is neutral.

It is obvious that he enjoys bustin' 'em on Simms and that he enjoys Collinsworth's comments tremendously.

I thought maybe they were being a little cruel with Phil. But then I randomly caught some quarterback show, I think it is a weekly show featuring quarterbacks' comments, and even those guys were dumping on Simms.

I sensed a pattern.

Inside The NFL features heavy duty guests. Guys like Bruce Smith and Lawrence Taylor. Joe Namath and Dan Marino.

And Jim Brown. I was mesmerized on that one. He is my connection to football. He started it all with me and he is his own man.

Very tasty.

The guests on Inside The NFL connect easily with James Brown and Chris Collinsworth. The conversation is lively, funny and informative.

They squirm  when talking with Simms. I have even seen some of them make incredulous faces as Simms talks.

Social skills are a difficult thing. You want to be able to communicate, to connect, but you don't want to give up your soul to do it. You want to be able to exude your uniqueness and have people get it. Appreciate it.

Some people are natural rebels, always taking the unpopular point of view. A lot of them can do this and still be liked and respected.

I get the feeling that Simms is trying to be contrary and that he just can't pull it off sincerely.

But what the hell do I know about social skills. I walk around playing Mr. Nice Guy and people walk all over me.

I am willing to give Simms a one on one shot at changing my opinion in the right setting.

I'm thinking Super Bowl XLVIII. Seats on the fifty yard line. Half way up the stands.

I could learn to love the man in that scenario.

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