Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Rough & Rocky Start

Bit o' whining going on in here since returning from Paradise.

Nuthin' new, huh?

When will I learn?

Yesterday was Sarge and Cori's wedding anniversary. Tough day for Cori.

Fortunately she has good friends and I believe she was taken out to dinner last night.

Still I'm sure it was a painful day for her.

Today is Jonathan's birthday. He would have been 28. Tough day for Eddie and Kathy.

I spoke to my brother a little while ago. It was a little rough around the edges but he has remained remarkably tough throughout this whole process.

We are coasting towards winter. We are coasting towards anniversaries that we don't want to acknowledge.

Time does not stop. It grinds on inexorably.

Either you deal with it or you don't.

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