Friday, September 11, 2015

It Is Beautiful

OK dig. The sun is out on Old Orchard Beach.

Gloriously so.

Before we left The Granite State I checked the OOB forecast. It said 100% chance of rain all day Friday.

They were wrong. Delightfully so. The sun has been gracing us with its presence for a couple of hours now.

We were reconciled to a dark day. We are reconciled no longer.

This vacation is unfolding as if we had scripted it ourselves. And maybe we did. Maybe every bit of karma we constructed over the many years that we have been coming has resulted in this reward.

Whatever the cosmic reason, we are gobbling up the beauty, grace and peace like a hungry lion gobbles up the recently deceased carcass of some poor unfortunate beast.

I am compelled to insert darkness wherever I go.

New thought: Every year when I write about this trip I talk about the life on the beach - the dogs, the kids, the elderly, the fat, those devoid of any scrap of humility exposing massive beer bellies and cellulose thighs to the public.

It occurred to me today that that is what the ocean does. It attracts people like a magnet and allows them the freedom to express themselves exactly as they wish.

The ocean allows for free expression of pure humanity. There is some mystical relationship between the ocean and being human that fosters a lowering of the guard. A selfless and open way of being that says "Here I am in all my glory, I am at peace with myself and my surroundings and no external judgment can affect me."

It is beautiful.

Part of the joy of this trip is the familiarity. When we first turn the corner to head down the wild and crazy boulevard that is the heart of OOB, it is like coming home.

Every store, every shop, every table and chair and bench and sight and sound is ours. We own it, we feel it, we love it.

We are completely at ease.

It took zero time to power down. As soon as we checked into the room our souls were flying free.

It occurs to me that I should adopt a new approach when I return to that thing that you people define as reality.

Right now - right at this very second - I am one with peace. Cool and relaxed, feeling like a newborn child with no care in the world.

Perhaps when I get back I should destroy anyone who gets in the way of this feeling. Mellencamp says: "Don't let your time be stolen by anybody else."

That's what the evil people do. They steal your time by occupying your mind with negativity and self defense.

This must stop.

This feeling is too good to give up.

Enough. Let's focus on the sun and the waves and the breeze and the enormously fat and exposed older couple who are right now walking towards me from the water, hand in hand.

It is beautiful.

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