Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Strange the way the mind works.

I dragged my tired self into the house tonight, pizza in hand, Carol bowling, the cats dying to get out on the porch and a thought drifted across my mind.

It occurred to me that our brain is a sophisticated instrument that we have no clue how to use.

The brain is mind blowing. Absolutely fucking amazing.

Consider the things it does with no conscious thought. Breathing, your heart, all of your bodily functions, walking, running, sitting, moving, just keeping you alive and getting you around with no input from you.

Consider what it does with your input. Learning, analyzing, sifting, compiling, comparing, adapting, feeling, reviewing, meditating, ruminating, plotting, planning and accomplishing.

We have this thing called a brain sitting in our skulls, this thing with enormous capacity and we don't know how to use it. How to maximize its potential.

Experts in the field don't really know how it works, they don't really know what hurts it, they don't know how to improve it, they don't know what makes the goddamn thing tick.

And these are people with really muscular brains.

This could be the key to the mystery of why human beings suck.

This magical mass of strange looking tissue, this thing that is the most powerful tool/weapon in history, and it sits in our skulls, generation after generation and never really learns.

We hate, we hurt, we torture, we kill, we lie, we cheat, we steal.

If a collective learning was possible since the dawn of man we would exist as the greatest species in recorded history.

Instead we contribute less to existence than squirrels.


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