Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Don Orsillo Redux

There is no truth anymore.

It doesn't exist. What is left in its place is spin.

Or truthiness.

I believe the concept of truthiness was pioneered by Steven Colbert but I don't have the energy to conduct deep research.

On line, truthiness is defined as "the quality of seeming or felt to be true, even if not necessarily true."

That definition makes perfect sense considering the shallowness and sheer stupidity of the general public.

Carol and I specifically settled down last night - I timed the burgers on the grill precisely - to catch the ferocious backlash we expected Red Sox fans to express at the first home game since Don Orsillo got screwed.

There was nothing. A Don Orsillo void. We saw no signs, we heard no drunken shouting, no disturbances in the stands.

Eventually Carol advanced the idea that people came to the park with signs but those signs were confiscated.

Subsequently I learned that "to prevent a potentially embarrassing scene NESN moved its pregame show from Yawkey Way to a more secure spot near the Red Sox dugout."

I listened intently today to sports talk radio (my son has created a monster) and was rewarded with yes and no.

Were signs confiscated? No?

Typically there was no definitive answer, Yes they were, no they weren't, fans who were there called in - yes they were no they weren't.

I read up a little more before I ventured in here - same goddamn result.

In 2015 you have to decide what your own version of the truth is. And if you think The Boston Red Sox are above confiscating signs you are Bambi. If you think NESN would avoid showing on camera any signs that were snuck into the park you are Bambi.

The safest point of view to take in this world is to assume that corporations lie, they distort the truth, they will do anything to pretend that they are not evil.

For The Boston Red Sox and NESN to ignore public opinion and attempt to hide the fact that Red Sox fans are furious about the screwing that Don Orsillo is enduring, reflects their cold hearted lack of humanity and fear of and inability to deal with the truth.

They are like little children. If I close my eyes it doesn't exist. If I close my eyes it will go away.

The lack of respect for Don Orsillo - the lack of respect for Jerry Remy - the lack of respect for Red Sox fans - is disgusting, insulting and amoral.

These assholes created this situation - NOW DEAL WITH IT.

Dan Shaughnessy wrote an article exposing the fact that Red Sox employees were instructed to confiscate "We love Don Orsillo signs" last night.

Later in the day that fact was deleted from his column with no explanation.

John Henry owns The Boston Globe for whom Dan Shaughnessy writes.

Give Don Orsillo some dignity, for Christ sake. The Boston Red Sox and NESN screwed up, you screwed Don Orsillo and crushed his dreams.

Have the guts to broadcast the backlash and give Don and the fans the satisfaction of having their say.

Then go on and run your goddamn empire with the ruthless determination you feel is necessary to treat human beings like dirt.

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