Sunday, September 13, 2015

This Is It,

This is it, kids.

The famous final scene.

We have come full circle. It is solidly overcast, windy and cold.

People on the beach in sweatshirts and jackets, sweatpants, pants. Cup of coffee. Kids futilely trying to fly kites in this very strong wind.


Love that plaintive seagull cry. It mesmerizes me like the sound of the ocean does.

Carol and I survived a weekend alone (kind of ) together. We talked a lot, we enjoyed peaceful silences, we made each other laugh, cool breakfasts, walks.

The green light is on. The batteries are re-charged.

The ocean is a magic elixir. Gonna have one installed in our backyard when we get home.

Life really is a delicious and magical thing when all the bullshit is stripped away. When all the artificial pressures and obligations and anxieties recede into the background.

The real lesson here is that life should not be vibrant only for five days out of the year and a burden for the other 360 days of the year.

Maybe life is all about trying to correct that balance. In your mind, in your day to day existence.

This is a goal worth pursuing with a vengeance. It might be the only justification for being alive.

These days have been filled with magic.

We will be back, Old Orchard Beach.

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