Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Whew.................survived the day.

Back to work today.


When you taste purity of spirit, even for just a few days, and then return to work, you realize what a bunch of crap "the work environment" is.

Filled with poison. Gamesmanship. Ego wars. Stupidity masquerading as intelligence. Bluffing.

I was ready today. Kind of confrontational. Don't need this shit no more.

Tomorrow I have to suffer through yet another goddamn inventory.

Thousands and thousands of bottles of booze that have to be counted. Hundreds and hundreds of cases of booze that have to be counted. Gift bags. Bottle stoppers. Nips. Gift cards. And more and more and more.

I will spend approximately 8 solid hours counting and inputting into an electronic device we call a dolphin. Then I have to download my information as well as that of the seven other victims who are participating in this boring and grueling process and hope it all goes well.

You know. You've been there. Somehow, someway.

Sitting on the beach was a lot more fun.

Carol keeps advancing the theory that we could probably survive if I retire at the age of 62. That would be in less than four months from now.

Part time work could fill in the financial gap.

Previously I would not even consider this. I do not favor living on cat food and water.

Suddenly it seems like a real possibility.

Carol is offering herself up as the sacrificial lamb who continues to work.

This could actually work. I could work part time and also cook, clean, shop, launder and generally make Carol's life easier by reducing her worries to only the job.

And of course my dream would be to use the spare time to attempt to create some sort of writing related income.

I don't know how realistic these thoughts are. I often have no capacity for distinguishing between reality and hallucinations in my brain.

However, after today, and especially after tomorrow, this scenario seems and will seem quite tasty.

Who the hell knows.

Sometimes in life you just gotta say "What the fuck."

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