Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Cat Zen

Maka does not know that she is tiny.

So she is fearless, a ferocious hunter and defender of her turf.

I learn so much from my cats.

Truthfully she has gained a pound or two since she came into our life. Carol and I enjoy treating our cats.

When I was working they would get dry snacks from me when I left the house and just before I went to bed. Carol gives them wet food right around our supper time.

Lakota got fat that way and Maka has followed in her footsteps.

Carol has scaled it back to an every other night kind of thing in the hopes that Maka will not gain any more weight and hopefully will lose an ounce or two. Lakota has thinned out considerable since hypothyroidism came around, but she has gained a little weight since the medication kicked in. We don't want her to get back to her fat cat ways.

Now that I am around a lot the cats are confused. I have no set schedule so almost every time I wander into the kitchen they follow me in, circling tentatively, wondering "Is this snack time or not?"

Goddamn cute.

Anyway, I get back from Concord with my tainted sub and head out to the screened-in porch. Maka is already out there.

I am sitting at the table digging my fate and the gorgeous weather. Maka is walking the periphery taking it all in as she always does.

Suddenly she stops and starts chirping at something. I couldn't see it - bird, squirrel or other?

But she is fearlessly saying "Hey, do not mess with me. This is my home, my haven and I will kick your ass if you challenge me."

This tiny, little cat who has much more in common with a lion than a house pet.

I am looking at her and thinking "That is how you live a life. With boldness and balls, no matter your size - physically, mentally, financially, emotionally or otherwise."

My cats have a lot to teach me.

I have the time.

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