Saturday, June 18, 2016

What I Have In Common With David Crosby

At the end of "Since Then", David Crosby's second autobiography, he tries to sum up his life; who he has been, who he is.

Here's the line that floored me: "My two biggest mistakes were to be mad and sad, and use those feelings as excuses to get loaded."

I have enjoyed a river of whiskey in good times and fun situations; I have consumed an ocean of whiskey running away from life.

Other thoughts of his that resonated with me: "I've learned not to obsess about people who've screwed me over - I won't even rent them any space in my head. They're working on their karma, and I'm working on mine. You can't do anything about other people, I can't change anyone but myself, and I can't even do that without major effort."

I am not quite as evolved - yet - but I am committed to making the major effort to change myself.

You gotta love Crosby - he is truly one of a kind.

And the music................the sweet, breathtakingly beautiful, music; the lyrics that resonate with your life's experience and your soul.

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