Wednesday, June 1, 2016

People Need Long Weekends

People move slower and yawn a lot on long weekends.

I worked on Memorial Day. It was not a bad deal. I had Saturday and Sunday off and got paid extravagantly to work on the holiday.

I am fascinated by the difference in attitude of people when they are given the gift of time, the pleasure and the treasure of an extra day off.

Commentary: There is no doubt in my mind that the number of people who enjoy long weekends now is probably at least 50% less than it was 20 years ago. Our repressive society has devolved to the point where it is acceptable for employers to openly exploit their employees and demand that they sacrifice their personal time for the great joy of being underpaid and emotionally abused.

Back to the point: I was amazed on Monday at how many people yawned while they walked through the store. So laid back, so relaxed.

I enjoyed watching couples walking close together and laughing. Figuring out which booze to buy for the barbecue they were going to.  And in what quantity.

"Who's bringing the beer? Should we buy beer too? Do NH state liquor stores sell beer? Should we buy two bottles of wine or go for boxed wine which gives us four bottles at a much cheaper price?"

The nip rack did a brisk business. People standing at the register looking over and deciding that a few nips would perfect the weekend.

I have noticed that it is usually the husband or boyfriend grabbing the nips as his woman asks "Do you really need those?"

Those words have left Carol's lips a thousand times in our marriage.

I dug the number of people who came rolling up on motorcycles. Free and easy, taking in the beauty of the day as directly as is possible. Right down in it, sunshine and wind and the thrill of riding this machine that makes you feel so alive.

I dug the number of convertibles that pulled up. Washed and waxed, shiny and clean, exuding a sense of youth and abandon.

A couple strolled up to the register, the woman looked at the nip rack and said to me "I see you sell nips. Do you sell naps? I need a nap."

I hate the "work ethic" that has become the norm in this country.

There is nothing "ethic" about it. It is exploitive and allows employers to treat employees like cattle. We work too hard and kill ourselves in the effort.

Literally. So many other civilized countries give their employees much more vacation time and better benefits all around. Productivity is not considered more important than a sensible life style.

People in those countries live longer than we do.

So it is enjoyable for me to watch people make the most of their long weekends. It's not the doing that I dig, it's the visible signs of letting loose, the relaxing, the getting back in touch with who you are and the life you are supposed to enjoy.

I bet the collective blood pressure in this country drops 30 points on long weekends.

I did not have Memorial Day off but I got to see other people enjoy the tail end of a long and glorious weekend.

Not a bad deal.

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