Thursday, June 16, 2016

Trump's Got My Vote

Donald Trump is a chump.

I was going to call him a piece of shit but I decided to tone it down.

Over 100 families were devastated by the Orlando massacre - 49 forced to deal with the sudden and untimely deaths of loved ones.

The magnitude of the suffering is unspeakable, perpetrated by one vicious, cold-hearted scumbag who, thankfully, is dead..

Trump, being the intelligent, principled and sensitive guy that he is, decided to use the tragedy as a political talking point to attack President Obama.

He insinuated that the Prez is somehow involved and aware of terrorist activities.

Trump's words: "He doesn't get it, or he gets it better than anybody understands - it's one or the other and either one is unacceptable."

A reporter asked him what he meant by that and he said something like "I'll let you figure it out."

The ball-less wimp doesn't have the guts to come right out and say what he means; he'd rather let it hang out there and incite his mindless followers to ramp up their hatred of President Obama and excite them to consider more acts of hatred and violence at his campaign events and elsewhere. And he knows that's exactly what he is doing.

Should be fun when President Obama hits the campaign trail with Hillary, no?

I am surprised Trump didn't try to link President Obama to the alligator death of a two year old in Orlando. I have faith that Trump could find a way to link the attack to terrorism and deride President Obama for refusing to utter the words "radical alligator terrorism."

And his idiot followers would believe him.

The man is juvenile. He mocks his opponents by calling them names. He knows nothing about world politics, he knows nothing about so many things a president has to have a handle on to be able to deal intelligently with other world leaders.

He talks about his goddamn dick, for Christ sake - and this is a man you want in the white house?

The press refuses to call him out. All the talking heads keep saying Trump needs to be more presidential. They keep waiting for him to act more presidential. They say he needs to act more presidential if he is going to bring swing voters around to his camp.

Are you serious? He has already revealed himself to be the juvenile and vile man that he is - if he pretends to be someone else all of a sudden you will be able to accept him? Are you well educated, politically savvy pundits really asking Chump to openly lie to you? This would be acceptable to you?

Give me a fucking break.

The intelligent people I know who say they will vote for Chump admit they don't like him, they don't like what he says, they don't like the way he acts. Then they say they hope he will surround himself with intelligent advisers.

That's like admitting that the woman you want to marry is ugly, stupid, serially unfaithful, cold-hearted and tainted with venereal disease, but you hope her sister visits often.

People in this country are frustrated. I get that. I'm frustrated. Our government is a joke; it is dysfunctional and operates in a vacuum completely separated from the average person's life. They don't care about us and they don't take care of us.

I understand the desire to shake up the status quo with an infusion of new blood and a new perspective.

But Donald Trump?

For Christ sake, if you want to buck the system you at least have to do it with an intelligent candidate; someone who can outmaneuver career politicians and bring about real change.

You cannot accomplish this with a junior high school student.

Which is what Trump is.

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