Monday, June 20, 2016

I've Been Duped

I became an instantaneous fan of Sergio Garcia after reading an interview with him in Golf magazine.

He is a pro golfer, been on the PGA and European tours for decades. He's an underdog - somebody about whom the rest of the pros, the high profile guys who win the big tournaments, probably talk about when he is not around.

He has never won a major. That's a pretty serious rap for a pro.

He has won a ton of money - over $40 million during his career - but his cojones, apparently, are not big enough to get him to the finish line when it counts.

He came across likeably in the interview, like a straight shooter regular type of guy. I have recently gotten into watching golf for the competition and the sense of peace it somehow inspires in me. I liked the idea of rooting for an underdog so I decided to be in Garcia's corner whenever he was competitive.

Until yesterday.

My son Craig, who is an avid golfer, pointed out to me some remarks Garcia made in 2013 about Tiger Woods. I had heard the remarks but was not aware that it was Garcia who made them.

Garcia was on stage at the European Tour awards dinner, celebrating with the rest of the victorious 2012 European Ryder Cups team. He was asked by a golf analyst whether he would have Tiger Woods over for dinner at the U.S. Open the following month.

Garcia replied: "We will have him round every night. We will serve fried chicken."

He took a lot of shit for the remarks and, of course, quickly apologized for them saying he meant nothing racist.

The man is scum.

I can no longer root for him.

I am not a vindictive guy and of course I wish the man no harm.

My only wish is that he never win another golf tournament in his life and that he develop a gambling addiction that results in his losing every penny he has ever earned, along with his house, his car, his golf clubs, and every single one of his other possessions.

Other than that I wish him well.

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