Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Park and Ride On A Saturday

Took a walk yesterday. Passed the park and ride down the street and it was empty. The park and ride where people abandon their beloved cars, and car pool with someone they can't stand to get to a place they don't want to be.
I car pooled decades ago with a guy who was my mirror image opposite. A guy who told me he lectured his kids not to open the refrigerator door until they knew exactly what they wanted so they would not waste energy. A guy who kept his thermostat set low in the winter because there are such things as sweaters and blankets. A guy who obsessed about gas mileage. A guy who did not drink. A guy who did not swear.
This guy bored me to death as I rode to work with him. Every single goddamn day.
It was thirty years ago and I still remember his name. Paul Odierno.
As Scrooge said: "Yes that is my name and I fear it may not be pleasant to you."
Yeah I passed the park and ride yesterday, it was empty and I felt good about that.
It should be empty every single day.

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