Thursday, November 29, 2012

Johnny O'Shea

Johnny O'Shea got in my way
So I put a gun to his head
He flipped me the bird, that useless old turd
His bravado got himself dead

Little Ole Milly acted so silly
She drove me right out of my mind
I reached for my knife and cut me a slice
Then sat with a book to unwind

John was a jerk, with him I did work
His agendas were greasy and slimed
A sledgehammer was handy which I thought was dandy
Smashed his skull to free up his mind

LeRoux made me blue, that's all he would do
He dragged me down every day
He wasn't ready to meet my machete
It was a pleasure to put him away

I sat in my bar with Frankie The Car
I hated his nickname so much
I cut off his ear to make myself clear
Then I extinguished his life with my truck

I met Paul at the mall, he made me feel small
With his wallet and boatloads of cash
I walked into Sears and got me some shears
Disconnected his legs from his ass

A man called me Sonny and thought it was funny
He did not see the look on my face
I picked up my Uzi and shot me a doozy
Now he's scattered all over the place

Some people must die, inside they know why
I do it and don't even blink
If you want to live, to see your grand kids
Be silent and buy me a drink

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  1. This has to be the worst piece of crap you have ever written on your blog.
    It suck!!!